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Microsoft will NEVER call you.

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microsoft call

We have seen many customers get the “Microsoft call” lately.

Basically, you get a call where the tech tells you he is with Microsoft and that your computer has told them that you have a virus and he needs to fix it. He will then ask you for access to your computer. After digging around for a bit, dropping real viruses and key loggers on your system, he will ask you for a credit card to pay for the removal. They charge anywhere from $250 to $500. THIS IS ALL A SCAM!

There is no way that Microsoft can get a warning about your computer. There is no way that this tech could know anything about your computer until you let him in. So, do not let them in. I actually like to play with them a bit before I start hurling “adult words” at them and telling them how terrible of a person they are. They hang up pretty quickly. So, the rule is, do not ever give anyone access to your computer UNLESS you call them for support.

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