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Microsoft to Ban Third-Party Tech Support Ads in Bing

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For years now Tech Support scams have been running wild and tricking people into paying for fake support services. It appears Microsoft agrees as they have decided to ban all advertisements for third-party technical support services to users in Bing.

Unfortunately end users are treated like second class citizens compared to larger companies. To see Microsoft, who has gotten more and more enterprise-centric over the years, take a stand for consumers is a good thing.

User Safety is a core priority at Microsoft, which is why we are announcing a revision to our Bing Ads policy on the promotion of third party products and services:

Bing Ads disallows the promotion of third party online technical support services to consumers because of serious quality issues that can impact end user safety.

This policy change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to lead the industry in providing a safer experience for all of our end users, including populations most vulnerable to online scams and other fraud activities. Read more on our efforts to tackle online technical support scammers here.

We at Microsoft believe a safer online experience benefits our Advertisers and Users alike!”

Thanks to Microsoft for placing user safety over profits!

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