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Microsoft accidentally leaks golden keys able to unlock every Windows device… OOPS!

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Microsoft inadvertently leaked keys that allow hackers to unlock any Windows device protected by Secure Boot.  Despite having been informed of this leak by MY123 and Slipstream (security researchers) in March it wasn’t until July that a security patch was released and again in August when the first patch was deemed inadequate.

This topic begs for discussion regarding pressure from governments and law enforcement agencies to build in a backdoor for investigations.  The fact that the backdoor exists gives a way for hackers to install rootkits and bootkits and if given physical access to a system the ability to take it over completely with access to all the information stored on it.

A third patch is expected soon… stay up to date on your Windows updates!

If you think you may be infected or if you need help with keeping you system up to date, give us a call;