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IT Support Monthly Contracts…

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I am constantly amazed by what other “Managed Services” IT Companies get away with!

There are so many client companies that think they have to pay a monthly fee in order to get good IT support. This is just not the case. Why pay a monthly fee, the same fee every month, even if you don’t need any support that month? It just doesn’t make sense.

Here at Frankenstein Computers, we only charge when we do work for you. Could we make more money if we charged monthly fees? Sure, but I couldn’t sleep at night, because I would be ripping off my customers.

Contracts? Why? … because the IT Company knows their support sucks, so they have to lock you in?  We have no contracts and have 97% of all of our original clients. Once you give us a try, you will never leave, because we treat every client as if they were our ONLY client. It means that we have a big payroll, because we need to always have a tech waiting to run out to service a client, but in my opinion, that is how IT support should be run.

We have been in business since 1999 and continue to grow each week, adding new, happy clients to our growing list. When you are done with the rest, come on over to the BEST – Frankenstein Computers and Networking!

Frankenstein Computers has been taking care of our happy clients since 1999. We specialize in affordable IT Support, Cyber Security, IT Service, IT Security, Office 365, Cloud, VOIP, SPAM, Wireless, Network Design, MAC repair, PC Repair, Virus Removal, remote support, web design and much more. Check out what our clients have to say about us on Yelp!

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