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macOS Mojave Released on September 24th

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macos mojave

macOS Mojave was introduced at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference and is the newest version of the operating system that runs on Apple’s Macs. Inspired by the desert at night, macOS Mojave is the first Mac update in several years not to use a mountain themed name, with its new moniker representing the visual changes made to the software.


The standout feature in macOS Mojave is a new system-wide Dark Mode, which extends beyond just the dock and the menu bar to full windows and apps, with native apps like Mail, Calendar, iTunes, Xcode, and more adopting the new dark theme. Dark Mode is, of course, an optional feature, so that users who prefer a lighter look can continue to use the light mode.

A new Dynamic Desktop option introduces wallpapers that subtly change throughout the day, while Desktop Stacks organize all your desktop files into neat piles arranged by type, date, or tag. Finder has been revamped with a new Gallery View for previewing files one by one, and a new Finder Sidebar offers up file information at a glance.

Tools and Apps

Contextual, customizable Quick Actions within Finder let you interact with files and do things like rotate photos or edit files without leaving the Finder interface, and a revamped Quick Look view integrates Markup, providing another way to make simple, quick edits to your files.

Screenshots in macOS Mojave get an iOS-style overhaul, putting Markup options and a variety of screen capture tools right at your fingertips. With the redesigned screenshot interface, screen recording content on your Mac is simpler than ever, and Continuity Camera lets you import photos and document scans captured with your iPhone right into macOS.

Several iOS apps are available on the Mac as part of a multi-year project Apple is working on to make it easier to port iOS apps to macOS. Apple News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos are now available in macOS Mojave as the first step of this initiative. Group FaceTime, an iOS 12 feature, is also available in Mojave, with FaceTime calls that now support up to 32 people.


macOS Mojave offers improved security and privacy, with new protections for sensitive data and features like the camera, microphone, mail database, message history, Safari data, Time Machine backups, iTunes device backups, locations and routines, and system cookies. All of these are protected by default for any app run on Mojave.

New privacy protections in Safari have also been implemented, with Apple blocking sites from tracking you using like buttons, share buttons, and comment fields without your express permission. Apple is also cutting down on how sites can track you across the web by sharing less data about your system configuration. Apple has also made it easier to create and keep track of strong, unique passwords for each website you visit with new password APIs.

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