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Apple Addresses Macbook Pro 2018 Overheating Issue

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overheating issue on macbook pro 2018

Apple is known for putting out very good and high-end products. However those products are not always without fault.  The most recent iteration of their flagship Macbook, the Macbook Pro 2018, has had an overheating issue ever since it was first release.

The new Macbook features the i9 processor from Intel. This is a powerful processor, but with that power comes a lot of heat. This is normally not an issue as many manufacturers take this heat into account and put in fans and heatsinks to dissipate that heat.

To keep their Macbooks thin Apple often omits these cooling solutions; this is causing the overheating issue.

This has normally worked for them with the older processors as they were less powerful and did not run as hot. However with the new i9 processor this way of thinking is no longer valid. The overheating issue became apparent when users placed the Macbook Pro under a large load, specifically in Adobe Premiere.

When this heat issue occurs the processor will activate a built-in failsafe known as “downclocking”. What this does is lower the effective speed of the processor, sometimes going well below the “stock” speed of the processor. What this does is lower the workload on the processor causing it to lower the voltage, which in turn lowers the overall heat of the processor.

To address this issue Apple has released a software update that will hopefully keep the performance of this powerful processor.

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