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handy keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

If you are not already aware of some of the keyboard functions, have you ever wondered if there is a faster way to get things done on your workstation without having to constantly point and click with your mouse?

Have you ever had a mouse failing on you but you need to get things done before you are able to acquire another one? Well, the answer is yes, there is a faster way to perform tasks simply using your keyboard. The great thing about computers is that they can do things much faster than a human.

Let’s say you are looking for a specific word on a web page or document, instead of scrolling through everything and trying to scan for that word using your mouse you can use the keyboard function Ctrl + F which will bring up a search box and you can type in the word you are looking for and it will scan the web page or document for you and provide you with all the results instantly.

Another easy function to be aware of are the copy and paste commands. To copy a file or a sentence or whatever you need to paste in an alternate location you just need to use the Ctrl + C command. To paste the data, you just need to use the Ctrl + V command and you are all set. This most certainly can cut back on some time due to the fact that you do not have to right click on the data, select copy, then right click in the destination and select paste. There is a large amount of these commands out there that not only PC users should be aware of but Mac users as well.

A few more commands PC users should be aware of are Ctrl + P to print, Ctrl + S to instantly save a file you are working on, and Ctrl + T to open a new tab in your web browser.

Moving on to Mac keyboard functions instead of using Ctrl + like on a PC you would need to use the command key. For instance, Command + N is useful if you just need to create something new. Another one would be Command + Q to quit an application. Macs also have the Command + S function to save as well as the Command + P function to print.

There are several more keyboard functions out there to go along with what I have already talked about so if this is an area that interests you, you can perform a search through your web browser for a list of keyboard commands and the options are pretty much endless. If you have any questions on this subject please do not hesitate to contact us here at Frankenstein Computer and Networking and we are always happy to help will all of your computer needs.

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