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Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

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keyboard shortcut commands

Windows has always had keyboard shortcut commands to aid people that primarily type.

If you are heavily dependent on the mouse or trackpad you might be missing some keyboard shortcut commands that will save you time. Not only does Windows have shortcuts but your applications will often use the same commands and web browsers too. The keyboard shortcuts for web browsers are the newest and quite useful for control and navigation.


Alt+Tab – switch windows
Windows Key E – open new explorer windows
Windows Key L – lock windows account
Windows Key D – minimize all windows to show desktop (or restore all windows if you click again)
Windows Key up arrow – maximize selected windows
Windows Key down arrow – minimize selected windows (or restore from full screen)
Windows Key left/right – maximize selected window to left or right half of screen (optionally will show other applications you can open for side by side comparison)


Ctrl+Z – undo
Ctrl+Y – redo
Ctrl+C – copy
Ctrl+X – cut
Ctrl+V – paste

Web Browsers:

Ctrl+T – open a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+T – restore the last closed tab
Ctrl+W – close current tab
Ctrl+Tab – move forward through tabs (to the right)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – move backward (to the left)

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