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Outlook asking for credentials constantly

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issues with your outlook

Are you currently or have you in the past had any issues with your Outlook application constantly asking for your email password and you are unable to receive any incoming messages even after you go into your account and update the password?

If this is the case, most email hosts now a days that are not Microsoft consider Outlook to be a “third party” or “less secure app” so they require you to go into your email host account through the web and either enable an option to allow less secure apps through your security options or generate a secure mail key that you would actually have to utilize as your password instead of the main password you would use to log into your account.

For a few examples, if you use Gmail for your email host and the password pop up keeps occurring in Outlook you would simply need to go into your Gmail account through the web, locate your manage account settings, go into the security option and then locate the option to “allow less secure apps”. Once you enable this option then your Outlook application should no longer be asking for your password.

My second example refers to if you have account through AT&T but your email is hosted through Yahoo you would need to actually go into your AT&T account, locate your email settings, locate the “secure mail key” option and generate a key. Once you are able to do this you would then need to go into your mail server settings through your control panel and make sure that the generated secure key is in place of your password settings.

Once this is complete you should not have any issues with being prompted for your password within the Outlook application. I have seen a spike in these types of issues lately, so it really appears that email hosts are beefing up their security and making sure their users are protected. If you do happen to run into this type of issue and require our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking, we would be happy to have a remote tech help with you support.

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