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Is somebody else using YOUR password?

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Evidence suggests that many people are still using easily hacked passwords … like ‘password.’  Number strings, like ‘123456’ and ‘111111’ are still popular, and still weak.  New to the list of Worst Passwords of 2013 are those influenced by Adobe, like ‘adobe123’ and ‘photoshop.’    Some like to keep it real, using passwords like ‘iloveyou’ and ‘letmein.’  But all of these are on SplashData’s list of stolen passwords; so beware … you are not alone.
As always, we recommend a password that is 1) nearly impossible to guess, and 2) easy for you to remember.  Pick something significant to you and play with it, and remember to use caps, numbers and symbols.   Have a favorite quote?  How about ‘2BorNot2B@tiTQ.’  Love sports?  Try to crack ‘SteveYoung24-for-36@SuperBowl29.’  Just make sure you are not using the favorite song you posted on Facebook, your house number, or anything a stranger could associate with you.  Protect your accounts from a brute force attack, by boosting your computer password security.  Use a phrase or sentence that has personal meaning, and you will wind up with a password that is both memorable and unguessable.