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iPhone or Galaxy?

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iPhone vs. galaxy

iPhone vs. Galaxy

I have had every iPhone since the beginning but found myself wanting more like a bigger screen, new gadgets, and better battery life. I have a few friends that have Galaxy 3s and 4s and they look so cool and that screen, IT’S HUGE!! So, I took the plunge and traded in my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S4. I loved the big screen except when I was trying to text or email or make a call.

Uh, that is about all I do all day long so this was an issue but I figured I could get passed it and would find a way to hold the phone so I could get my work done. Although I did get better at it I almost dropped the phone more times in 10 days than I have in 5 years with the iPhones.

I found the Galaxy to be sluggish, not as responsive as I am used to, I found simple tasks like wanting the person’s name on top of emails instead of the subject line to be “just the way it is”. I did get better at navigating and texted and emailing but I knew that the Galaxy is just not as good as the iPhone, it just isn’t.

Also, I was hoping for better battery life and found it to be about the same, maybe a smidge better… So, I took it back and got another iPhone. From the time that I had it in my hand I was oh so happy and couldn’t believe the difference in quality. For me, iPhone RULES!!!

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