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iPhone iOS 9 Security Flaw!

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iPhones with iOS 9 firmware can be hacked to allow anyone with physical access to your phone to see your photos and contacts without a PIN using Siri (scary!). It is unclear if this issue has been fixed with the release of iOS updates 9.1, 9.2, or 9.3, but can be easily protected against by disabling access to Siri while the phone is locked:

Open up Settings.
Tap “Touch ID & Passcode.”
Scroll to the “Allow access when locked” section and slide the toggle next to Siri to off.

It’s that easy. Siri is enabled by default on the lock screen, causing most users running iOS 9 to be exposed – taking a little time to protect your pictures, contacts, and privacy is well worth it. As far as how the hack works, WE won’t tell you (Frankenstein Computers is all about repair and support), and recommend that you keep your devices updated.