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I Have No Internet

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internet is not working

If I get one question from customers over the phone more than any other its ‘my Internet is not working, what do I do.’

And the first step in solving this problem is always finding the culprit. As a residential user our Internet goes through a lot of different devices before it finally makes it to the browser screen in front of us, so there are a lot of possible places things can go wrong. The easiest way to identify the problem is always through a basic process of elimination.

Most computer users will get their Internet from their provider via a modem, whether it be DSL or Cable, you have a box given to you by your provider that is the first incoming step in the Internet from them to you. The next step will be one of two options either your modem plugs straight into your computer (making it the last step) or you may have a router, which lets you give the Internet to multiple computers, or broadcast Wi-Fi.

Now the easiest option, if it is available to you, is to try it on a second computer. If that second computer can get Internet then you know it’s a problem with the computer, as the data is certainly being received by one computer. If not the next step is to eliminate the router if you have one. Try plugging the computer directly into the provider’s modem (sometimes this will require you to reset the modem by unplugging its power for a few moments).

If your computer cannot receive Internet when the router is plugged in, but the Internet works when you are directly connected to the modem, your router may have problems or may need to be replaced. If your computer still receives no Internet when plugged straight into the modem the issue may be with your provider not getting their data to your provided modem.

If so a quick call to your Internet provider will be your next step, as they can easily tell if their systems can ‘talk’ to your provided modem. If you are directly plugged into the modem and still have no Internet and your provider says they see no issue the issue is most likely with your computer, and your next step is us!

Numerous different problems can occur on your computer to cause it to not interpret the Internet properly in order for you to access it, including Windows errors, viruses, and other malicious infections. (Infections being the most common issue as they will often try to block your Internet access to prevent their removals.) But have no worries as Frankenstein Computers is one of the quickest and most cost efficient places to have a virus removed here in Austin, and as always, never hesitate to give us a call if you have a question or issue we can help with!

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