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Ransomware now corrupts QuickBooks data (12-9-2016)

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Here at Frankenstein Computers we have noticed a major uptick in the amount of ransomware infections.  Ransomware, such as ‘Cryptowall’, is a particularly dangerous type of infection because the virus corrupts all Office documents (Word files, Excel files, etc.) and therefor even after the infection is removed, these files are simply inaccessible.

Just like all technology these infections evolve over time and this morning we have found a new iteration of the infection.  We are now finding that the latest iteration of Cryptowall is now encrypting QuickBooks data files (qbw files are where the information is stored).

While Frankenstein Computers CAN remove these infections from the system, as before, any files encrypted by the ransomware are lost.  The only 100% form of protection from this potential disaster for yourself or for your business is having a full local or online backup so that these files can be restored.

One other potential concern of ransomware is that ransomware can JUMP from one computer to another on the network.  Sometimes, depending on how your local backups may be configured, your on-site backup could become encrypted as well.

If you have any concern that your backups may not be configured properly or have yet to setup any kind of backup and you would like a technician check and make sure you are safe, please give Frankenstein Computers a call.

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