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Holiday shopping: Factors for Purchasing a New System

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With the holiday season coming up many people will be looking to purchase new systems.

But what should you get? Do you have a budget in mind? Do you need top of the line parts? Apple, Pre-built OEM, or Custom built? All of these are just SOME of the factors to consider when purchasing a new system.

First thing to consider is: What is the purpose of the system going to be? Is it going to be just a general use system to check email and browse the web? Then a cheap pre-built OEM system will do just fine. Do you plan on gaming? Then you may consider a custom system.

Video or sound editing but you are not wanting to purchase extra software, then you could consider an Apple. However, all options do have the ability to do each of these purposes with little to no modifications. The exception to this is Apple. These products are meant mainly for content creation and general use, so if your main purpose will be gaming leave Apple alone.

Next is a combo point: Budget and how much system you need. These two points go hand in hand, as if you have a set budget you want to get the most bang for your buck. So how much computer do you need? Well this depends completely on Point 1. Gaming systems will require a decent CPU, dedicated graphics card, high-speed RAM, and an SSD to get the best performance overall.

Whereas a general use system only requires a CPU with integrated graphics, a little RAM, and an okay HDD. Apple computers will be a higher budget item for a general use purchase, but they can’t be overlooked as they are great computers for content creation and general use.

With these items in mind you can safely shop for a computer this holiday season. Either for yourself of as a gift for another. Whatever route you decide to take please feel free to give us a call for a quick second opinion if you’re not quite sure about your purchase.

We will happily consult with you to make sure you’re not only getting a great deal, but also that it meets your needs. We also perform custom builds in-shop, so if you decide you need a bit more horsepower then please keep us in mind. We are your Austin IT Support and Custom Build company. From all of us here at Frankenstein Computers, Happy Holidays

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