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The Importance and Ease of Backing Up

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Backing up our data.  It’s the one every day chore we should all be doing but many are not.  And with so many different methods there is no longer an excuse not to.  Backups essentially come in two different flavors.  Local and Online.  Online backups are often incredibly simple to setup.  Simply signing up with one of numerous online backup companies and installing their software and these services will essentially take care of themselves.  Installing them by default will simply run a full backup when you first sign up with the service and then only backup the changes you make each day, or schedule it as you would like.  Most feature simply an inexpensive per-month subscription or just pay for a full year of service up front.  Then, if your computer fails or you accidently delete a file simply access your account through their site and pick your file or download everything.  The next method is the local backup.  This is a method of backing up to a device you physically have with you.  The most common method would be an external hard drive and there are many out there.  (These are nothing more than hard drives just like in your computer with easy USB plugs.)  Many of these will come with programs that will let you set an easy, automatic backup schedule.  But keep in mind your system does need to be turned on and the drive connected when you schedule it for it to work properly.  Many people will make the mistake of moving their files to an external hard drive, this is NOT a backup.  Something is only considered backed up if your files are located in more than one location.  With so many different Online backup services and different backup drives we all should have our things backed up at this point.  If Frankenstein Computers can help make sure your home or business is backed up at all times PLEASE let us help.  In 2016 data loss should be a thing of the past.