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The importance of BIOS updates

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What is a BIOS?

With the new technologies coming out we wanted to take the time and mention a part of your computer that most people do not see. The BIOS, is the part of a computer that controls how the computer runs. The BIOS addresses system hardware compatibility, what parts of the computer are active during the startup of the system, and many other items. It is actually a very important piece of the bigger puzzle that is your computer.  This being the case, it is important to keep it updated with the most recent iteration.

These updates can fix stability issue, make your motherboard compatible with newer hardware, and in rare cases improve the overall performance of your system. The updates can be handled in various ways. One way is by simply going to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and pulling up the support page for your particular board. If the manufacturer releases self-extracting updaters, it is as simple as running a program and restarting your system.

The motherboard will then update itself, which can take some time, and if successful boot into the operating system. Most of the time a BIOS update is an advanced process and should only be handled by those that are confident in their skills. However, some are as simple as downloading and running a file as previously mentioned. If you just do not feel comfortable messing with the advanced settings of your system, we hope you consider us for this service. We are your local Austin Area IT and Computer Repair Company.

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