Here at Frankenstein Computers in North Austin, we all have Iphones and are very excited about the IOS 5 update. When I was looking around at Icloud online to see what was saved it got me thinking, people are so excited to back up their phone data, why not back up your laptop data? Especially since you probably have more data and more important items, such as pictures, why wouldn’t you want to make sure they are backed up? Backing up your data is very simple; you can use an external hard drive to run a back up. I know I always back up my pictures at least once a month onto my external, because those are what matter most to me and if my computer blue screens or my hard drive starts failing, I can rest a little easier knowing I won’t lose my pictures. If you have any questions about backing up your data or anything else feel free to give us a call, 512.419.9777.