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Malware, and What To Do About It

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Malware is comprised of the words “malicious” and “software”. Malware is used to describe all different kinds of harmful software such as Trojans, viruses and Spyware.

What does Malware do?

Malware can do several different things. Malware can send out advertisement email (SPAM), steal passwords as well as identity theft. Malware is constantly evolving but the following the six items tend to be the most common ways that Malware works:

  1. Stealing your personal information (including address books)
  2. Pop-Up ads while on regular websites
  3. Advertising emails (Junk email)
  4. Malware can slow down your connection or the speed at which your system runs.
  5. Malware can take over your browser and redirects you to a fake web page.
  6. Malware will ultimately cause your system to crash.

How to protect your system from Malware:

There are a few ways to protect your system against Malware. As far as software for purchase, Frankenstein recommends Norton’s Anti-virus Software. As a free software alternative, FCN recommends AVG Anti-virus Free, these software products can help protect your system, however they are not guaranteed to protect against all malware issues.

Another recommendation for protecting against Malware is to not open e-mails when you’re not familiar with the senders email address. An additional way to help protect your system is to stay away from un-trusted websites.

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