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Hard Drive Space Cleanup

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hard drive space

Are you struggling with space running out on your main or even secondary hard drive? Do you go into your file locations and try to delete items that you feel you do not need any more but can’t seem to free up enough space?

Chances are if you have had your computer for a while you fall into the same category as most PC users running into the same issue. The good news is there are tools out there that can help you determine what is actually taking up all that space and focus on the big chunks of data that you really do not need anymore. Some of those tools include TreeSize, WizTree and if you are using a Mac Disk Inventory X is a great option.

These tools are simply available to make your life easier by running a scan on the hard drive of your choice and once the scan is complete it provides color coded visuals showing files and directories that are taking up the most storage. The best thing about these tools is that you do not manually have to go into your hard drive and try to find what is taking up space.

This is especially important if you are say trying to install a game or large piece of software and your system will not let you due to lack of disk space. One thing to keep in mind however, is you do not want to just go in and delete everything from a large directory. Some of these can naturally contain important system files that should not be deleted so make sure you only delete files or software that you know is safe to uninstall or you are positive you can afford to no longer have access to.

If you are not sure what is safe to remove from your computer or if you have any questions in regards to this subject you can always contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking for assistance.

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