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Guest Networks

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guest access

With routers these days using Dual Band technology, it is becoming more common to see those offering Guest Access capabilities.

If you are unfamiliar with Guest Access features, essentially what happens is it puts a secondary wireless network and broadcasts it as an “open” network. Now do not let that scare you, the guest network still has a password on it, but it will allow anyone to connect to it. I can see how this can be confusing; well think of it as 2 doors to a building. The first door allows you access to the foyer of the building, but to get into the building itself you need an access code, same concept. When someone connects to your guest network it assigns them an IP address, but when that IP address attempts to access the internet the router asks for the guest network password. If the user does not have the password then they are disconnected from the network.

Guest networks are great for companies and residents that want to provide visitors and clients WiFi; but do not want them to be able to access the computers on the network. The way this is accomplished is when you set up Guest Access on your router it creates a completely separate network from your normal network. Meaning that you have Network A when you have Guest Access turned off, but when you enable Guest Access it creates Network B. Network B is completely segregated from Network A and only allows internet access to those that are connected to it. This makes Guest Networks ideal for companies that have sensitive information on their network but still want to provide WiFi to guests.

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