Police in New York report that the number of iPhone and iPad thefts are up 40% from last year.  That seems to be the approximate percentage across the nation.  There is even a video of a man stealing an iPhone from a baby in a department store while the Mom was looking at some clothes on the rack.  I think it would be a good idea to take preventative measures to keep your device safe.  There are a couple of free apps to start with.  Mobile Me and Find my iPhone are the best we have found.  Registering your iPhone or iPad will aid in it getting returned to you if it is stolen.  There is also a physical preventative called SmartGuard.  It is a case for your iPhone that also contains a canister of pepper spray.  All in all, just pay a little extra attention to knowing where your device is and what to do if it is stolen. We take IT support and Computer Repair seriously at Frankenstein Computers even when it comes to your phone!