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Google Fiber coming to San Antonio

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Texas is about to be one of the only states with TWO cities getting the privilege of Google Fiber.  Announced this week on their blog, they will be spending the next few months planning out their path of laying their fiber –optic cables.  When adding fiber to a city Google must lay down completely new fiber lines in the ground in order to run their service.  As many Austin residents are probably aware, this is a time consuming process.  If you look at the picture of Austin you will see just four areas are currently under construction, with two additional areas moving into the sign-up phase.  All Austin residents should be visiting their Google Fiber – Austin site, listed below to enter in their information to be informed when sign-ups have begun in their area.  As the service spider-webs out (noticeable on the map) they are still concentrating on the areas that receive the most sign-up requests.  It is safe to assume that when the service begins rolling out in San Antonio, it should begin the same way.  So if you have any friends or family in San Antonio make sure they know to sign up soon!  And if you live in Austin and have not signed up hurry to increase the chances of your area being picked sooner than later!


Austin Sign Ups


San Antonio Sign Ups