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Google Fiber Austin

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Google Fiber & the City of Austin

Google and the city of Austin are having a large press conference sometime on Tuesday to announce a new large project. The rumor is Austin will be the 3rd city to receive Google’s new Fiber Internet. Austin had originally attempted in 2010 to be one of the 1st city’s for the search engine’s but had lost out to Kansas City.

Google Fiber offers three different packages:

  • Free Internet: A one-time install fee of $300 and will get you Internet speeds comparable to what you are paying now without any monthly fees. A onetime payment and you now have permanent Internet Access.
  • Gigabit Internet: No installation fee and for $70 a month you will get Gigabit Internet speeds, comparable to 100 times faster than standard high speed internet. (Speed tests in Kansas City shows an actual general download speed of about 700 mb, your average high speed Internet is around 10)
  • Gigabit +TV: No installation fee and for $120 a month you will get Gigabit Internet, full channel TV lineup, a Nexus 7 tablet, 1 TV Box, and a 1TB Google Drive.

If the rumors are true signups should start soon after the announcement and the way it was rolled out in Kansas City was the areas with the highest number of signups get their area installed first. Cross your fingers Austin!

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