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Google Chromecast

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google chromecast

Google Chromecast

Last week Google surprised the industry by unveiling a new unknown device.  The device is called the Google Chromecast.  It’s about the size of a flash drive you might use to back up or move your data, however instead of a USB plug at the end, it has a HDMI connection. 

The user simply plugs the device into any available HDMI connection on their TV.  Once powered on simply download the Google Chromecast’s app to your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or phone to control the device.  Once the user inputs their WiFi information and setup their Chromecast account they will have the ability to access numerous streaming services.

Currently only four streaming services are available at the moment, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and Google Play.  However numerous companies are developing services for the device such as HBO’s HBO Go.  The device also has the ability to stream from your Chrome browser.  This means you should be able to stream any media though the device that your Chrome browser can display.  (A feature said to be upsetting some television executives considering making their websites incompatible with Chrome.)  While we have had the ability to display and stream to our television from our computers for years now with a bit of knowhow, Google is looking to make the processes incredibly user friendly, and the device is available for only $35.

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