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Goodbye Carbonite, Hello CrashPlan!

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goodbye carbonite hello crashplan

As many may not know we have moved away from Carbonite for our choice of online backup software. The reason for this is simply so that we can keep the cost to our clients as low as possible. Over the past year we have began noticing a trend with Carbonite that has increased the Administrative Overhead cost past the point of affordable. Because of this increase in overhead we have moved to new online backup software called Crashplan.

What is Crashplan? Put simply it is what Carbonite should have been all along. Crashplan has been around since 2007 and offers the same service as Carbonite but with less overhead. Like Carbonite, Crashplan is an online backup software that automatically and constantly performs a backup of all of your system files. The primary difference is that the software performs automatic updates, has mobile access to your files and also offers deleted file protection.

Now the primary reason we have moved is due to Carbonite’s decision to split their service between Personal and Server. Our goal here at Frankenstein Computers & Networking is to keep costs as low as possible while still being able to provide top quality services. While Carbonite’s personal service is still relatively affordable, their Server product is roughly $1000. Now you may be thinking “Why not just use the Personal product on servers?” Simple answer is: the installer scans the operating system and prevents installation on server software.

Because of this we have begun offering Crashplan backup software at a monthly cost of just $10 a month per system. (1 = $10, 2 = $20, and so on) Now a bit of math will tell you that the cost of Crashplan initially appears to be more than Carbonite. This is true but remember earlier when I mentioned “Administrative Overhead”? This means that there is work that may need to be performed after the initial setup to keep the software working properly. This can add up very quickly and cause the overall cost of Carbonite to sky rocket.

Since we have started using Crashplan we have had absolutely no administrative overhead cost. We have been using Crashplan for over a year at this point and have had no qualms with the software causing problems or failing to backup or update. For a more in depth explanation of the pros and cons I will attach a link to an “Apple to Apple” comparison between Crashplan and Carbonite.

Carbonite Vs Crashplan

Listed below is also a quick look comparison of the features offered by both backup solutions.

Feature Comparison

Unlimited online backupUnlimited online backup
Back up everything, even settings filesBack up everything, even settings files
High level of security (448 bit)High level of security (128 bit)
Continuous backup protectionContinuous backup protection
External hard drive backupExternal hard drive backup
Triple Destination BackupSync and share files
Mobile access to your files 
Deleted file protection 

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