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Gaming Lag? Update Windows.

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If you have noticed a significant increase is lag during your gaming sessions over the last couple of weeks, then you are not alone.

Many users that regularly update their Windows 10 systems have reported increased input and network lag during their online gaming. This was caused by an update to Windows 10, officially KB4482887. This was however fixed recently with a new Windows update KB 4489899.

If you are not sure if you have installed the patches, you simply need to check your Windows Version (hold the Windows logo key on your keyboard and press . ) The patch that introduced the lag bug was released in build 17763.348. The fixed version is 17763.379.

To find this simply go to Windows Settings from the Start menu and select About. What you are looking for is the OS Build information. If it has 17763.379, you are good to go, however if you are below that, you should consider updating to that version.

While Windows Updates seem like a hassle, they do serve a purpose, even when they break things. Not only do they fix common bugs and problems, they also increase your system’s overall security by patching out flaws in the code. While this can result in other issues due to the nature of programming, overall updates are a good thing and should be applied regularly.

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