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Game Day Release Blues

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game release blues

Are you ready to play The Elder Scrolls Online … Diablo III … World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor … WildStar … The Amazing Spider-Man 2 … or any one of the tons of other, soon to be released games, this summer?

Nothing is more disappointing than saving your pennies for months, for a brand new game that was released today … available for you to download online, or ready for pick-up at your favorite game store … only to discover that your new game will not play or download to your PC!

There are multiple reasons why your new game or program will not download or run on your PC. First and foremost: is the software compatible with your system? Are you running Windows XP/Vista, and the software is designed for Windows 7? Do you have the required memory, and video card?

Whether your system is old or newer, one problem remains the same: malicious software, such as Spyware, Malware, Adware and Viruses. Certain Spyware and Malware will prevent you from downloading new programs and, in some cases, will even remove the administrator (the owner of the PC) from performing critical tasks on your PC. A Virus or Trojan on your system can send your game code key, and account information, to another PC or game hacker. Not only are game accounts hacked every day, but millions more people are victim to credit card fraud and identity theft.

Today, having just an Anti-Virus on your personal computer is no longer safe or recommended. Complete PC security software includes the Anti-Virus, as well as a firewall, malware and spyware removers, identity theft prevention, safe PC wallet and checking options, virtual keyboards and a multitude of other options. Choosing the right software can be confusing, but Frankenstein Computers is here to help you determine what is right for you, install security software, and even remove existing Malware and Viruses on your current PC.

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