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Framework Laptops Will Offer a Chromebook Version

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framework laptops

For those not in the know about Framework Laptops, they are a company focused on producing not only a repairable laptop, but also an upgradable and modular laptop.

Currently they are still working out the details and improving their product, as well as getting a marketplace up and running for their swappable modules and parts. However, they have recently announced that they will also have a model that fully supports ChromeOS. What makes this model different is that the Chromebook version will include the hardware and firmware necessary that allows the use of android apps from the Google Play Store, a feature that ChromeOS Flex is sorely missing.

The major distinguishing physical features of the Chromebook model are the ChromeOS logo inlay on the laptop lid, and a slightly adjusted keyboard layout. It will otherwise be the same modular design that the standard Framework laptop features. So if you’re looking for a replacement to Google’s now discontinued PixelBook, consider looking at the Framework Chromebook when it’s released later this year in December.

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