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Folding at Home

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folding at home

No I am not talking about laundry; although you should definitely fold that load that you took out last week. Folding at Home is an organization that asks the public to help find cures for very serious diseases and ailments.

We are talking about cancer, AIDS, and yes even the newest coronavirus COVID-19. The way they do this is by asking you to install a small client software on your system to allow them to assign your computer a workload. These workloads can use your system’s CPU or even the Graphics Card (GPU).

The results are then sent back to FAH’s super computer to add to their compiled data set. Many people that work from home leave their computers on all the time, so why not put that idle time to use for a worthy cause?

For more information and to download the client you can go to their main web site They have had so many volunteers recently with all of the volunteer systems that they do have issues keeping up with the requests for work.

However, they are working with companies and service provider to remedy this or at least speed up the process.  Also with all the volunteers, folding at home’s computing power is more than the top supercomputers in the world COMBINED.

These include computers that are used to map the human genome, and IBM’s own Summit system which actually just received an upgrade. So if you are wondering what you can do to help in this time of crisis, go to Folding at Home and read up on their efforts. It is very easy to join, and you can stop at any time.

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