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Find Out What’s Crashing Google Chrome

Chrome browser started running real slow and eating up memory? If you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, disabled and re-enabled extensions, and it’s still freezing up, try using Chrome’s native Task Manager:

With Chrome running, press the Shift+Esc key combination to open the Chrome Task Manager.

If necessary, expand the Task Manager window until all the fields come fully into view.

Check to see if any of the running extensions or processes are using an extremely high amount of memory and/or CPU time. If you see one that’s using several times more resources than the other extensions and processes you’ve likely found the culprit.

Click on the “greedy” process or extension and then click the End process button.

Now check to see if Chrome is back to operating normally (without the sluggish behavior you’ve been experiencing). If so, the extension you just disabled is the one that’s causing your issue.

Remove the problem extension to prevent the issue from coming back the next time you launch Google Chrome.

If all of that fails you may be infected with malware – give Frankenstein Computers tech support a call and we’ll be happy to help!


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