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Refund Scammers

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The FBI is warning consumers about scammers pretending to be from a financial institution. 

The scammers are offering refund payments in order to steal special information from victims.  The FBI stated that scammers lie to the victims in hopes of getting access to their computers.  Once in the computer, the scammers state that they can provide a refund service for a fee between $300 to $500.  Although tech support scams are nothing new, con artists started employing scripts created to mimic the appearance and feel of refund payment gateways in command prompt windows.

Some of the scripts imitate Chase Bank, JPMorgan Chase’s division for consumer and commercial banking. In addition, other batch files used in this tech support campaign have also been uncovered. These batch files allow dynamic customization by changing the output’s bank name using Windows environment variables. However, these scripts aim to gather the targets’ personal and financial data to facilitate unlawful wire transfers of money from the victims’ bank accounts.  The script also has many pauses that encourage user interaction as they “wait” for a refund or other action to happen, as well as commands to send data to a text file.

The FBI also cautioned potential victims against granting remote access to their computers to unauthorized parties and against sending wire transfers in response to the advice they received from internet or telephone contacts.

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