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FaceBook Breached

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It would appear that Facebook has been compromised again.

Friday morning Facebook has announced that a bug in their system has enabled attacks compromising almost 50 million user accounts.  Unlike the previous Cambridge Analytica breach that allowed people access to your data this bug enabled attackers to gain full access to people’s accounts. According to Facebook however they discovered the bug on Tuesday and have already addressed and fixed the issue.

Users that were currently affected will see a notification regarding the compromise at the top of their news feed the next time they log on. However, it is recommended to check THIS LINK which will show you what locations your currently logged in as.  (For instance, I did not get the message on my page and for example when I follow the link I see that I am logged in on the computer I am sitting at and on my phone.)

This link will show other places you are currently logged in at and the ability to close that connection. Currently Facebook is saying that compromised accounts have no need to change their passwords, as they have already fixed the bug, but in the case of users notified by Facebook it would be a very good idea to change your Facebook log-in password. Better safe than sorry!

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