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Enjoy Your Computers Media on your Xbox by Ryan…

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If you own a Xbox 360 you can easily stream music, video, and even view pictures from your game console using your home PC over your network in a few simple steps!

  1. First your two devices must be networked together in some fashion.  This can either be done by having both of your devices plugged into your home router, or even if one or both are on your home wireless.
  2. Enable media sharing with Windows Media Player
    1. Windows Media Player 12: Goto the Stream section and Turn on media streaming.
    2. Windows Media Player 11:  Right click on Library and choose Media Sharing.  Click Share my media. And click the check mark next to your Xbox after it scans for the device.
    3. You can now watch your media on your Xbox! Simply select your Video, Music, or Picture Library and select your computer from the list of sources.

      Note: Some video types cannot be displayed and some will require your Xbox to be Xbox Live in order for the device to download required updates to play the video.