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End of Server 2012…

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server 2012

Microsoft Server 2012 will go “end of support” on October 10, 2023.

This operating system will need to be upgraded or replaced before 10/10/23 because Microsoft will no longer support it and will not be pushing out any security patches or updates. Now is a great time to either upgrade your current Server’s operating system, if less than 5 years old, or even purchase a new one as DELL is running some great specials right now.

We have upgraded a few servers from Server Standard 2012R2 to Server Standard 2022 with mixed results. I’d say the best thing to do would be to backup all data and settings, and then wipe the drives and install the new operating system. If the server is a domain controller, you’ll more than likely, have to rebuild the domain from scratch. Doing this will probably squeeze a few more years out of your current server.

Or, just buy a new server!

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