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Email Safety

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Because of this, there are some people who want to take advantage of you and your email.  Phishing scams are everywhere and can look very convincing.  Here are a couple of rules on email safety that should help protect yourself from these scams:

Preview the email.  Look for any mistakes in grammar or punctuation.

Never reply to an email with any personal information such as, passwords or account numbers.

Most financial institutions still use the good old post office to contact you regarding any issues with your accounts. 

Package delivery companies do not have your email address and will not notify you of package deliveries with email.

If it doesn’t feel right or look right, do not click on the links included.

And finally… When in doubt, throw it out.

Just remember that any trustworthy source will never ask you for your credentials or account information via email.  I hope this will help you learn more about email safety and avoid any scams that might come to your Inbox.  You can always call us here at Frankenstein Computers for any assistance you may need.

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