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Why do you need an updated SPF record?

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email protocols

Email Protocols

Emails are a crucial part of our daily lives and business communication. However, they come with significant risks such as phishing and spoofing emails, which can lead to cyber threats. These unwanted individuals can misuse your domain name to create fake email accounts and scam your customers or infect their computers.

Luckily, this issue can be resolved by using email protocols like SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to authenticate your email addresses. SPF adds an extra layer of security to your email domain by using a return path and a hidden header to determine where and how bounced emails should proceed and verify if the email is genuine. The return path helps protect email delivery by verifying the sender’s identity and sends failed emails to the appropriate recipient.

To add this SPF record to your Domain Name System (DNS), you will need to log in to your hosting provider and make adjustments or additions to your records. The complexity of this process may vary depending on your comfort level with making such changes, or if you are using a third party to assist with your IT needs. Frankenstein Computers is happy to help you with these DNS records. Adding SPF to your email domain provides an additional layer of security, which helps to prevent phishing, scamming, and spoofing.

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