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DropBox Leaked Passwords

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dropbox was hacked

As many may remember, Dropbox was hacked in mid-2012 and millions (est. 68M) of email address information was stolen.

They did not report, however, that the passwords associated with those accounts were also stolen. They did issue an email requesting all users to change their passwords as a response to the email theft. For those customers that haven’t done so since 2012 now would be a great time to change your password. Reason being, the stolen list has been released on the web. This means that both emails and passwords are publicly available to those that know where to look.

So what do you do now? The long short of it is to simply change your password if you haven’t done so since 2012 or early 2013. Dropbox has since upgraded their encryption for their user’s information, from the then standard SHA1 to a more secure standard called bcrypt. A security researcher for Dropbox reported “The bcrypt hashing algorithm protecting [the passwords] is very resilient to cracking and frankly, all but the worst possible password choices are going to remain secure even with the breach now out in the public”. They still recommend changing passwords to be on the safe side of the issue.

To do this you must know your email and password for your Dropbox account. Log-in on their website and change your password in your account settings. If you need assistance with this we at Frankenstein Computers can assist you with the process. We are happy to assist with any IT, PC, or Mac repair and service in the Austin area and beyond.

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