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Do you “check-in”? By Lauren…

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It’s amazing how far technology has grown over the last few years. Websites like Facebook and Yelp are just awesome, especially for businesses. The ability to “check-in” at places is great, that way places like Frankenstein can offer deals, like check-in offers where all you have to do is show that you “checked in” and you can get a discount! I’m pretty sure coupons are going to be a thing of the past here pretty soon, especially since you have to look for them and then cut them out of the newspaper or print them out and then you have to have them onsite with you when you go to use it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a coupon for a car wash or something but didn’t get the discount because I forgot the coup[on at home, but with “check in” offers everything is right on your Smartphone, which most people carry around with them at all time anyway. By the way Frankenstein is offering a 10% off discount when you “check-in” on Yelp or Facebook.