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Dirty Computers – Let Your System Breathe

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Dirty Computers

Being a repair shop we see hundreds, if not thousands, of computers every year and the most frequent issues we come across are slow and dirty computers.

The slow computers are usually a quick upgrade away from going out the door better than ever. However the dirty systems require a lot of elbow grease to turn around. The worst of these are the systems that belong to smokers. Smoke whether it be from oil diffusers, cigarettes, vapes, or other sources; does not play friendly with computers.

The smoke contains moisture and tar which attract dust and other particles in the air. When this settles on computer components it becomes an insulating layer that traps heat that should be getting expelled from the system. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but heat is one of the easiest ways to lower the lifespan of computer systems and components.

So how do you prevent this build up of dirt, dust, and other things? Put quite simply there are a few methods. The first is simply to not smoke around your computers. While you still need to clean your computer at regular intervals, reducing/eliminating the smoke from the equation significantly extends the length between those cleanings.

Sometimes you can even get away with a single yearly dusting depending on the rest of the environment(carpet, pets, airflow, dust filters, etc). If you just have to smoke/vape around your system find a way to filter it when you exhale. Blowing through a microfiber towel, or even just a shirt, will significantly reduce the amount of tar/moisture that makes it into your system. Another filter in front of your system’s intake fans will further reduce the dust and hair that enters the system through these avenues.

If you’re not wanting to do the yearly maintenance of the system, we here at Frankenstein will handle that for you. We offer system cleaning services at different levels, ranging from a quick surface dusting, all the way to a full system tear down and individual component cleaning. We make sure that this service is affordable, but it will scale depending on the level of dust/grime that has built up over time.

Systems that haven’t been cleaned in a while and also have been smoked around are some of the worst computers to clean and some even require components to go through an alcohol bath to remove the tar and grime. If you want to ensure that your system will last as long as possible, be sure to allow it room to breathe, and keep it smoke and dust free.

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