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Security Auditing

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Digital Security

With everything going on in the modern digital age security is one of the most important topics that is often forgotten.

This encompasses everything from physical security of a building, utilizing access control measures to digital security through the use of scans and auditing.

The largest threat in today’s operational environment is the insider threat. Whether it is by intentional or unintentional vector users are the biggest threat to your physical and digital security.

Does your company provide any initial or refresher training on security? Employees see this as an unnecessary hassle but it is more necessary than they think. The physical attack of shoulder surfing standing behind a privileged user to observe things they don’t have access to.

Or badge surfing when a threat sees  another employee and says hey can you let me in I forgot my access badge to get in the office. The right answer is to call security and a manager who has authorization to walk them in to hand off the situation. Even if you work in the same cubicle as the threat do not provide them access to a secured facility. Discipline is another major insider threat, if your workplace uses security badges to access the building, wearing your badge off premises is a major lack of discipline.

This displaying of badges off site just makes the employee visible to potential threats and puts a target on their shoulders for a physical security violation attempt.

Does your company have any physical or digital security measures in place. How often are they tested and are consequences for violations enforced. These consequences can be as simple as remedial training on what not to do and what to report, and to whom to report it.

Does your company utilize unique usernames and passwords that are different for every staff member? Do you have enforcement procedures to hold password sharers accountable for creating security violations?

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