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Dealing with Frustrating Spam Email…

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If you are a day to day or even hourly to hourly email user, I am sure you are dealing with tons of frustrating spam emails almost constantly.

Now a days there are so many ways for scam websites, scam emails, phone calls, and even when you sign up for a subscription or credit card you are providing your email to these services which allows them to add you to their distribution lists that automatically send out large amounts of junk all day, every day.

The main issue with this, other than ending up with your account information stolen or a hack taking place, is that most users do not realize when they simply provide an email account to the services, they then can send you as much junk as they want. Now, that being said there are ways to chip away at the incoming messages and even almost entirely stop them all together.

To start with what you as a user can to do help with this type of situation, is first and foremost be aware of who and what you are providing your email information to. For example, if you are browsing a website and making a purchase or signing up for an account, please make sure that it is in fact a legitimate website/company and not some third party company that could turn into a total scam. 

Another example would be if you do receive an email that looks legitimate and it is requesting a response for you to provide further information, always check the sender email address. A lot of scammers out there are getting very good at making their email accounts look real however, if you do take a closer look at the domain from the sender, meaning the path after the @ symbol like, you should be able to notice right away that it is going to look something like @kkeike12453 making it clear that it is not a valid email account you should be responding to.

If you do happen to receive these types of emails then simply mark them as spam and also, check your deleted and junk files to make sure they message did not get sent to those locations and if it did, be sure to do a permanent delete of that item. As I mentioned before the same tricks can come from spam callers as well. If you receive some sort of sales call always be sure to never provide any of your information, even just simply your email address because if they can get far enough in the process your situation could turn into Ransomware which is the worst infection you can possible get on your system.

If you are not essentially interested in going through all of this on your own, we here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking do offer a paid spam filter service which uses Barracuda Technology. This service is very diligent and successful in catching pretty much any spam item before it hits your inbox so you basically wouldn’t see any of those pesky junk emails you have previously been receiving.

Another good feature about this service is that if you are expecting an email and our spam filter catches it you can let us know and we can go in and whitelist that sender within the service and it will allow you to view to messages moving forward. This service also checks all incoming email for viruses, malware, and ransomware attack attempts.

If this is an area that you would like our assistance with please do not hesitate to contact us here at FCN and as always we will be happy to help with the best of our abilities.   

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