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Dark Base Pro 900 Case Review

Recently we were asked to build a custom system for a client. The client wanted a work station for Video editing and rendering. We were more than happy to build the system, they simply needed to provide the parts. Well they sure did, pulling up with an AMD Threadripper 1950x processor and all other parts we started the build.

The provided case that he wanted this beautiful system in is the Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 White Limited-Edition series case. This full tower case is simply stunning, weighty, with a solid feeling construction, and brushed aluminum finish.  This case was extremely easy to build in. Plenty of room for all of the provided parts with room to grow. The case also comes with magnetic RGB LED strips for optional internal lighting.

Starting with the Exterior of the case. It features a tinted tempered glass panel, allowing users to see the internal components. The tint on the glass is dark enough to take the “sting” out of bright LEDs that are present on almost all components these days. The front panel connectors feature your standards: USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections, headphones and microphone jacks, Power Button, a recessed Reset button to avoid accidental restarts, and a LED HDD activity light. On top of the case, just behind the front panel, is a wireless charging pad. A first time for us, but hopefully not the last, as this is a welcome feature if the system is sitting on the floor. The back panel is a solid piece, with the exception of a pop-out piece that covers 2 140mm fan mounts, and features sound proofing. There’s not much room for full size fans, but you could place slim fans in there if needed.

Moving to the interior of the case, we start with a massive open inner chamber. Support for every size motherboard up to XL-ATX. The case features seven removable hard drive caddies that can hold a single 3.5-inch drive each or two 2.5-inch drives each. The case also has an additional caddie behind the motherboard tray for a 2.5-inch drive. An included PWM fan controller is also included on the back of the motherboard tray. With the drive caddies removed there’s plenty of room for extreme custom loop water cooling. Also featured is two 5.25-inch internal drive bays for CD/DVD-ROMs, an outdated but sometimes welcome feature. At the bottom of the case is the Power Supply mount. Unlike most cases the PSU does not mount to the exterior of the case; but instead there’s another removable internal mount with a power extension cable. There are also giant cut-outs for cable routing and management. However, the lack of a PSU Shroud means that the cables going into the PSU will be visible through the tempered glass panel.

Overall this case is a solid buy if you can afford the rather steep price tag. The solid construction and features are worth the price considering the included wireless charging pad saves you a USB port and desk space. Is there room for improvement? Yes, but they are definitely small improvements. A PSU shroud would be nice, also the option to remove the 5.25 bays would also be a welcomed feature to free up room for front mounting a radiator.



7 x Removable Hard Drive caddies, with room for 7 x 3.5” drives or up to 14 x (15 if including the mount behind the motherboard) 2.5” drives.

Large motherboard cut out for easy heat sink mounting

Water Cooling support – Up to 280mm Radiators at the top and front

Adjustable Power supply mount

Built-in wireless charging pad

Included PWM fan controller on rear of motherboard tray

Sound proofing on back panel

Removable full-length dust filters on front and bottom



No PSU shroud

Tempered glass panel is a pain to keep clean.




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