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Build your own system

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new custom build system 

Recently we have had a lot of customers coming in asking about custom built systems.

Some have even brought in recently assembled systems for diagnostics. Custom computer builds are one of the best ways to ensure that you have a system that can handle anything you throw at it. These systems are best suited for high end gaming, video editing, 3D Rendering, and CAD software programs. This does not mean that you should shy away from it if you do not fall under those categories.

Building a computer can potentially save you hundreds of dollars over pre manufactured systems. Most of our technicians are well versed in computer assembly and regularly compare specs and prices of pre manufactured system. On average, systems that you build for around the same price of a pre manufactured system, will significantly outperform the pre manufactured systems. This holds true the higher in price you go.

The primary thing to be aware of if you are interested in commissioning a custom built system not all parts are interchangeable. Certain motherboards will work with certain processors, Intel processors will not work with AMD motherboards for example. A lot of research needs to go into a build before purchasing parts if building yourself.

We offer consulting services for those wishing to purchase parts and want to make sure the parts are compatible. We also offer full purchase and assembly services, these services are offered to clients that need high end systems that need to meet specific requirements. We also offer assembly services to clients that have done the research and purchased the parts but just do not quite feel comfortable with the whole assembly process. Cable management and hardware testing are included with these services, if an OS install is also requested we include optimizing and bench marking services as well.

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