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Google Banning Crypto Mining Apps from the Play Store

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Google has updated the Play Store policy page recently to ban crypto mining apps that mine crypto-currency on user devices.

“We don’t allow apps that mine crypto-currency on devices,” according to the new policy disclaimer. This means Google will start to remove any app from the official Play Store that uses a device’s CPU or GPU for crypto-currency mining operations. Google will still allow mining apps on the Play Store, but only those that are used to control crypto-currency mining operations on remote devices —such as servers or desktops.

Preventing crypto mining on Android is crucial because untethered mining operations can easily overheat or destroy batteries or even devices if the battery case deforms, leaks, or catches fire. Such scenarios have already happened. Google didn’t publicly announce the policy change, but developers who had apps removed complained on social media. Other policy changes were also made, such as the decision to ban apps with repetitive content.

The company’s decision to ban crypto mining apps on the Play Store comes after Apple banned mining apps from the App Store at the start of June. Google previously banned Chrome extensions that mine crypto-currency from the official Chrome Web Store back in April. Google and Facebook have recently banned crypto-currency-related ads from their ad platforms because they have been regularly abused to promote scams and phishing sites.

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