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Computers and HEAT!

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In Austin, Tx we are currently at our 50th day of
over 100 degree heat, and there is a chance for rolling blackouts if the heat
continues, which with no end in sight right now, I’m sure it will. With the
level of heat it is very important to remember that any prolonged exposure to
this much heat can damage a computer system, mainly a hard drive. Hard drives that
exceed the manufactures heat guidelines could cause disk failures, which could
result in lost data. I have my computer desktop at home at a desk where they
have a cabinet to store the system, so it’s hidden. Now this looks great
because you see my office area and not a big desktop computer, but the only air
circulating in there is from a tiny hole in the back where the cords connect to
the power outlet. So whenever I’m going to turn that system on, I open the
cabinet door  so that the system would
stay cooler, keep in mind if I didn’t that cabinet would be several degrees
warmer, which in this heat is not a good plan. So just keep in mind what heat
can do to your system and if you do start seeing disk failure warnings or
experience any other issues with your system, give Frankenstein Computers a