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Computer Slow? Can it breathe?

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slow system loading

A huge part of computer repair and IT Support is dealing with “slow” systems.

Now slow is not only a relative term but can be a symptom of many different causes. A simple way to fix this sometimes is to simply clean your system physically. Dust is a great insulator for heat and heat is the number one killer of computer systems, followed very closely by humidity/liquid damage. The inside of your system can become very hot, but these heat levels are generally maintained by multiple fans that intake fresh cool air and exhaust the hot system air. Dust build up is a common result of this air exchange.

But dust is not the only thing that can build up in your system. If you smoke or vape around your system, you are also introducing tar and moisture into the mix. When this tar and moisture mix with the dust it can become almost mud like and cake the interior of your system, specifically the heat sink. The heat sink is the main cooling unit of your CPU. Think of the CPU as the brain of your system, if it gets too hot it will slow down and not be able to work as efficiently due to it being unable to keep itself cool.

This is especially true for All-in-One systems and laptops. These systems sacrifice high efficiency cooling for compact size and convenience. Many of these either have a single fan or are completely passively cooled, meaning that any build up of dust or obstruction of the fan can cause the system to catastrophically fail and cause a fail-safe shutdown due to heat. A simple way to avoid this is simply to use compressed air to remove any dust build-up before it becomes unmanageable.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself or you feel your system may be in need of a deep cleaning we at Frankenstein Computer Repair offer a physical cleaning service for systems.

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