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Computer Screen and your Eyes

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When looking at a computer screen during the day:

You want lighting that is more in the blue wavelength frequency; however, as the day comes closer to an end you are going to want to deplete this wavelength if you wish to get any sleep.

When working later in the evening:

It is better to use a night light! Do yourself a favor and pop into the Windows 10 system settings and look for the Night Light feature under the Display tab. Here you will find the ability to change the intensity of various wavelengths.

The goal? Find the setting that is still usable with the least amount of blue light emission. This should allow you to work later into the evening without completely messing with your brain’s sleep patterns.

If you let Microsoft monitor you (enabling Location services), the system will determine the time of day in your location and adjust the color wavelengths for you as the sun sets. Not running Windows 10 yet? Feel free to reach out to us to consult an upgrade or system replacement in order to get you on the latest version of Windows and help you rest easier at night!

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