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Computer Repair Austin

Recently while doing some research here at Frankenstein Computers, it amazed me when looking at our competitors how many of them force their clients to sign contracts. What if they don’t like the service? I’m sure they make their clients pay a hefty fine for breaking their contract too. I’ve also noticed that minimum charges they have listed. I even read on one website that if you want to know what’s wrong with your computer in 24 hours then you have to pay an express fee! What? Here at Frankenstein Computers we like to do things differently, we are a no contract local business, when you call we come and when we’re finished we leave and only bill our clients for the time we were there. Also, we typically have a turnaround time of a day and no added fee included.

Here at Frankenstein we are certified, reliable and fast..

Frankenstein Computers has been taking care of our happy clients since 1999. We specialize in IT Support, IT Service, MAC repair, PC Repair, Virus Removal, and much more.