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managed services and cloud computing

What is cloud computing? How do rumors and mistruths give cloud computing a bad name? Can I be compliant and still use cloud computing? Can I cloud compute and still be HIPPA or FINRA Compliant?

We hear these questions on a daily basis. Half of what the common user thinks they know about cloud computing is either totally made up or a fear bases reaction that is less than factual.

In the modern era, you can use name brand cloud computing platforms and be totally safe and compliant. In fact it is often safer than when you use a local server. Cloud platforms are required to push updates as soon as they are published so this results in a more secure platform than the server in the closest you can walk over and touch. These local servers are often only updated when there is a problem.

Name brand cloud computing platforms like Microsoft 365, Azure, Adobe and many others are at a higher standard than local installs. In today’s world your security comes down to password discipline. Do you have a unique password for every login on every platform. Is this password complex meaning Upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols; with not dictionary words in the content. Is this password at least 15 characters, do you change it every 28 days and have 2 Factor Authentication enabled. If you answered no to any of these password bullets, you are at risk prior to even considering the world of cloud computing.

With proper password management and 2FA enabled cloud computing can open your company to a whole new world of modern computing.

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